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A language-based disorder that affects how a person reads and spells. As a result of their challenges, students often find that they struggle with reading comprehension resulting in a reduction of their vocabulary.

Studying in the Library

Common Signs To Look For

  • Reversal of letters such as b & d
  • Difficulty with fluent or accurate word recognition
  • Difficulty recognizing sounds that go with the letters
  • Trouble sounding out words accurately
  • Challenges with grammar and spelling

Math related disability that affects how a person understands and solves math concepts.

Homework Help

Common Signs To Look For

  • Trouble with remembering steps in formulas and equations
  • Difficulty manipulating numbers in their head
  • Challenges with basic math calculations
  • Difficulty in how numbers work in relation to one another and solving math problems

A writing disability that affects a person’s ability to express themselves in writing or to be able to physically hold a pencil correctly.

Writing on Tablet

Common Signs To Look For

  • Illegible handwriting
  • Avoiding writing assignments
  • Difficulty with expressing thoughts or ideas on paper
  • Challenges with basic sentence structure and grammatical awareness
  • Challenges with organizing and planning essays


  • It's a disorder that can affect focus or concentration, self control, emotional responses and hyperactivity.

  • At least 6 or more symptoms must be present in more than 1 environment (e.g. home and school).

  • Symptoms of either lack of focus or impulsive/hyperactive behavior must be present for at least 6 months

  •  Diagnosis must be confirmed through assessments, screening tools and evaluations of strengths and weaknesses.

Child and Therapist



  • Feeling overwhelmed or having trouble managing emotions

  • Difficulty paying attention

  • Lose items

  • Miss important details

  • Trouble following directions

  • Trouble organizing and managing time

  • Interrupt other people’s conversations

  • Has difficulty sitting still

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