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About Myself 

My name is Michelle Johnson, I am a mom, a registered nurse, an applied learning disability specialist, a member of the board of directors at the Learning Disabilities Association of York-Simcoe and I am the owner of “Your Way 2 Learn”. As an applied learning disability specialist, I help students to gain specialized computer skills which helps them to achieve success at school.

14 years ago, I became a mother to a wonderful daughter and two years later I was lucky to have my amazing son.  I have also been working as a nurse in Public Health for 20 years now. In my role as a nurse, I have worked in various areas supporting families through illness, mental health issues, physical activity and general well being.


My Story


When my daughter was in grade 4, she was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Visual Motor Deficiency causing inefficient eye tracking and ADHD. Two years later so was my son. Like most parents, I wanted the best for my children, so I embarked on the journey to become a learning disability specialist. Throughout this journey, I have learned so much about the school system. Some schools lack the resources or may not  have enough special education teachers to devote the time necessary to help the students with learning disabilities. Since my children have been working with assistive technology, I have seen an improvement at school and in their mental health. 

My Goal

My goal with my company is to help students with learning disabilities to navigate their way through the school system so that they can achieve their potential. Assistive technology is a tool/technology that helps students complete a difficult task or bypass an area of difficulty. It can help them increase, maintain or improve their capabilities, as well as making learning more engaging. Learning assistive technology and strategies will give them greater independence, which will enable them to be able to self advocate for their needs at school and beyond. Children can be very resilient, smart and amazing and if taught to use the right strategies and technology, they can achieve greatness.

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